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Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer Oil Filtration & Streamlining

Transformer Oil Filtration

One of the most cost effective and reliable methods to improve the health of oil filled transformers is known as “Streamlining”. This is an oil filtering process that incorporates the benefits of heating and vacuum. This is a proven solution for effective dehydration and treatment of not only contaminated insulating oil but also the equipment that is immersed in it.

Power Engineering Services also performs transformer oil regeneration, which is defined as the extraction of contaminants from oil in order to restore its original properties. Regenerating the transformer oil, or insulating liquid, can extend the lifespan of a transformer.

Oil streamlining can be performed during the process of oil regeneration. Power Engineering Services’ streamliner/oil regeneration plant is mobile, enabling us to provide our clients with onsite filtration services.

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