Power Engineering Services Specialises in Electrical Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance

Testing and Commissioning

Electrical Commissioning & Testing

Testing and Commissioning

A complete solution that begins with the testing and commissioning plan and ends with the successful start up load testing of equipment and system. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Phased commissioning or loads testing. ​We use our extensive library of Inspection and Test Plans, Procedures, Test Verification documents.

Provide our clients with a comprehensive testing and commissioning service on a wide range of HV & LV power system assets including power transformers, current & voltage transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, protection relay testing, revenue meters, earthing systems, cables etc.

Development of commissioning plans, procedures and verification documents for projects and to provide recommendations if necessary.

Electrical commissioning & testing of equipment are two essential aspects of maintaining your plant. These activities ensure you get the most out of your equipment, which will help you maximize production and minimize downtime. Testing is integral to ensuring that a machine can perform its function properly, but it also provides useful information about how well it works. If a machine isn’t working correctly, there’s no point in having it—it won’t do you any good!

Protection relay testing is a critical component of electrical system maintenance. It ensures that relays, which are responsible for detecting and responding to faults, are operating properly. This helps to prevent damage to equipment, outages, and personnel.

The process of testing a machine is called commissioning. Commissioning involves setting up all the controls (like switches) and ensuring they work properly. You should also test each piece of equipment individually before putting them all together in one location. If something goes wrong with one piece, you’ll know exactly where to look for the problem.

Once you’ve completed testing, you’ll need to ensure everything works together correctly before running your plant at full capacity. This includes testing any new equipment or software updates and looking for any problems with older machines or other systems that might cause issues with your operation.

We can help you get your plant up and running safely, efficiently, and quickly. Whether installing a new plant or upgrading an existing one, it’s essential to ensure everything is working properly before putting it into operation. This process is called testing and commissioning, and it can be done in phases over a period of days or weeks, depending on the size of your facility. We offer full-service testing and commissioning services and more specialized consulting on specific areas like mechanical systems or control. We offer a comprehensive solution that begins with the Earth Testing and commissioning plan and concludes with the successful start-up load testing of the equipment and system. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), phased commissioning, or loads testing are all examples of acceptance testing. We rely on our comprehensive library of Inspection and Test Plans, Procedures, and Test Verification documentation.

Our team at POWER ENGINEERING SERVICES has decades of experience working with various industrial processes, including those highly specialized or unique in the field. We also provide comprehensive testing and commissioning services to our clients on a wide range of HV & LV power system assets such as power transformers, current & voltage transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, protection relays, revenue metres, earthing systems, cables, and so on.

Our engineers have the knowledge and training necessary to work in any environment, whether it’s a large manufacturing plant or an office building. We can help you in creating commissioning plans, procedures, and verification papers for projects, as well as making recommendations as needed. We’re also fully qualified to handle electrical, mechanical, structural and Earth Testing and other types of inspection services. If you have any questions about our services or need assistance with anything related to Electrical commissioning & testing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To assist you with this, we provide the following services.

Power System Scheme Tests

  • Transformer through tests to check transformer protection stability
  • Bus Zone primary injection to check stability

High Voltage & Low Voltage Switchboards

  • Functional tests, Interlocks etc.
  • Online and Offline Partial Discharge testing

Earth Systems

  • Soil Resistivity
  • Earth Grid Impedance
  • Step & Touch Potential Tests

DC Power Systems

  • Commission Battery systems
  • Load Tests on Battery Banks

Current Transformers (HV & LV)

  • Ratios, Polarity, Magnetisation Curves, Winding Resistance, IR & PI
  • Dielectric Loss Angle
  • Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)
  • Ratios, Polarity, Winding Resistance, IR & PI
  • Dielectric Loss Angle
  • Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Vector Group and Polarisation Index Tests
  • Dynamic Resistance
  • HV and LV Winding Resistance Tests
  • No Load Voltage Ratio (Transformer Turns Ratio) Test
  • Tan Delta Test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Excitation Current
  • Leakage Reactance/Impedance
  • Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)
  • Dielectric Response Analysis (DIRANA) Test
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) Test
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis and Furan Analysis for Transformers

HV Switchgear

  • Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Power frequency Dielectric Withstand Test
  • Contact Resistance Test
  • Circuit Breaker Contacts Static and Dynamic Timing Test
  • Pickup and Drop out tests on Under Voltage and Shunt Trip Coils
  • Interlock and Function Checks

LV Switchgear

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Contact Resistance Test
  • Interlock and Function Checks

Trip Unit

  • Pickup and Drop out tests
  • Timing tests

Protection Relays

  • Pickup and Drop Out tests
  • Timing test by Primary and/or Secondary Injection

HV Cables

Commissioning tests including

  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) Withstand Test
  • Sheath Integrity Test
  • Tan Delta Test
  • Insulation Resistance (IR)
  • Polarisation Index (PI)
  • Partial Discharge (Online & Off Line)

Electrical tests including

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Power Frequency Dielectric Withstand Test
  • Polarisation Index
  • Contact Resistance
  • Static & Dynamic
  • Contact Timing
  • Dielectric Loss Angle
  • Partial Discharge
  • Online & Offline

On-board Protection Relays

  • Set up
  • Primary & Secondary injection