Power Engineering Services Specialises in Electrical Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance

Power Engineering Services is a company specialising in Electrical Testing Services, Commissioning and Maintenance

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Electrical Testing and Maintenance Solutions

We Provide Highest Quality Electrical Services

Power Engineering Services is an Australian owned and operated company based in Perth

We provide electrical services for the Gas and Oil, Mining and Industrial sectors.

Power Engineering Services

Over 40 years experience in High Voltage Electrical Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance in the Mining, Utility, Heavy Industrial and Commercial industry within Australia and Overseas.

  • POWER ENGINEERING SERVICES is an Australian owned and operated company based in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Our team expertise is engineering design, commissioning, testing, maintenance and repairs of high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) electrical systems and their associated equipment.
Electrical Testing Services

Power Network Asset Management

We, at Power Engineering Services, design or assist in the design of an ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN -

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Electrical Commissioning & Testing

Testing & Commissioning

A complete solution that begins with the testing and commissioning plan and ends with the successful start up

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Design & Consultation

We do innovative as well as effective consultation and design for your project in the following areas.

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Cable Fault Location

Cable Fault Location

Faults in any power cable can be very disruptive, costly and difficult to locate.

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Carry out new electrical installations of both HV & LV plant and equipment.

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Transformer Oil Filtration & Streamlining

Transformer Oil Filtration

Power Engineering Services provides multiple solutions to improve the health of oil filled transformers.

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Electrical Testing Services

Electrical testing services is a vital part of ensuring the safety of any electrical system. Electrical testing can help prevent fires and other accidents from commercial buildings to residential homes by identifying potential problems.

At POWER ENGINEERING SERVICES, we offer comprehensive electrical testing services that can help ensure your business is running safely and efficiently. We’ll test everything from your wiring to your light fixtures to your outlets to make sure they’re all up to code. We also offer thermal imaging services that can help identify any potential problem areas in your electrical system.

Type of Testing Services

Electrical Testing Services

The electrical testing services we offer at POWER ENGINEERING SERVICES (PESVS) are designed to help our clients understand their electrical systems and identify potential problems before they become significant.

Residential Electrical Testing

Our residential electrical testing services include inspections of outlets, switches, receptacles, lighting fixtures, and wiring. We also test for ground faults, short circuits, and power outages.

Commercial Electrical Testing

We also perform electrical testing for businesses. Our commercial electrical testing includes the check for ground faults, short circuits, and power outages, among other things.

We provide various testing services

At PESVS, we offer electrical testing services to our clients to ensure their products' safety and quality.

Insulation testing

Dielectric Testing

Continuity Testing

Resistance Testing

Inductance Testing

Our skilled engineering team will collaborate with you to find the best course of action for your electrical testing requirements. We are dedicated to giving the best service possible, and we guarantee that the results of our tests will meet your expectations.

Don't wait until there's a problem to get your electrical system checked - contact us today to schedule a testing appointment. We'll make sure your company runs smoothly and hones in on the right things. PESVS's mission is to provide a comprehensive line of services to help customers improve their businesses by improving safety, reliability and operation. We strive to offer our customers the best possible products with the highest quality at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of service.

To know more about us and our capabilities, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Testing & Commissioning

Provide our clients with a comprehensive testing and commissioning service on a wide range of HV & LV power system assets including power transformers, current & voltage transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, protection relays, revenue meters, earthing systems, cables etc.
As part of the commissioning process we develop the commissioning documentation which would consist of the commissioning plan, commissioning procedures and verification sheets. Our team of Electrical Field Engineers and Technicians would also make any recommendations if required and provide solutions.

Electrical Engineering Design and Consulting

We are able to provide the following Engineering Services :
- High Voltage Submission to the network authority
- Assessment & Identification of ARC Flash hazards, ARC Flash calculations, provide guidance on the elimination or mitigation of these hazards and the implementation of the recommended controls.
- Basic Power System Studies
- Recommendation and implementation of protection settings

Asset Conditioning Monitoring

Condition monitoring of power system assets is a very effective strategy used by many successful asset owners. Power Engineering Services can assist our clients in developing, recommending and implementing efficient and cost effective asset maintenance, refurbishment and replacement strategies. This is done by collecting key data during maintenance work and then using that data to trend and monitor the health and condition of the equipment. Power Engineering Services can then provide guidance on frequency and level of maintenance, preempt possible equipment failure and the associated unplanned downtime.
These strategies can include thermo graphic surveys, on-line & off line partial discharge surveys, ultrasonic surveys, equipment tan-delta tests, transformer oil analysis and regeneration and many other surveys/tests.

Maintenance & Repairs

Power Engineering Services maintain and repair a wide range of HV and LV electrical equipment. This includes power transformers, current transformers (CTs) & voltage transformers (VTs), HV & LV circuit breakers, switchgear and switchboards, protection relays, revenue meters, electrical earthing and lightning protection systems, HV cables and other electrical assets.
Power Engineering Services can also provide underground cable fault location services using a 'thumper' and the ARM, ICM and acoustic methods to determine the location of the fault with a high degree of accuracy.

Equipment for Hire

Power Engineering Services own and maintain a wide range of equipment used in the testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical power industry. This equipment is also available for hire on both long and short term periods.

Equipment used to perform the following tasks is also available for hire:

  • Cable Fault Location
  • Power Quality Analysis (measures and records Instantaneous/Average/Minimum/Maximum values of Harmonics, Power Factor, Current, Voltage, Transients )
  • Online & Off-line Partial Discharge
  • Transformer Tests
  • Cable Condition Tests (Pation, Discharge, Tan Delta, VLF)

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