Power Engineering Services Specialises in Electrical Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance

Our Culture

Our Culture


Here at Power Engineering Services, electrical design, installation, testing and validation methodologies follow relevant Australian and/or International Standards.


When you choose to work with Power Engineering Services, you are working with a closely knit team of professionals who choose to add value to your business and offer you solutions to meet your needs and budget.


Power Engineering Services has the expertise, resources and the latest equipment needed to accurately detect and prevent potentially expensive, unplanned outages caused by equipment failure - long before they happen. Our preventative maintenance programs also extend the life of valuable equipment. The Power Engineering Services electrical engineers and technicians bring their knowledge and experience from across the world to every project we undertake. Our technical teams are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and equipment, and we can provide testing and commissioning either in-house or on-site.


Another of our key goals is providing an after - hours service and giving value - added service to our clients.

To know more about us and our capabilities, please contact us.